PAC Fundraising

PAC fundraising provides students and teachers with additional resources and opportunities beyond what the school budget covers. This can include a variety of expenditures from field trips, live performances, and Science Venture to sports uniforms, technology and playground equipment. Apart from events, most of which include a fundraising component, here are some ways you can contribute:

Thrifty’s Smile Card – When you load the card, 5% goes to PAC for the purchase of new equipment for the gym and schoolyard.

Fun Lunches – Pre-order from a list including pizza, chicken fingers, drinks and cookies for lunches delivered to the classroom on Fridays through the school year.

Holiday Greeting Cards – This is a new initiative for 2017. Students will each be given the opportunity to create a piece of artwork that will be scanned and printed on a greeting card. Samples will be provided to parents, who can place an order for a package of cards if they wish.