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Good afternoon Lake Hill families,

A reminder that tomorrow Friday Feb 12th is a PRO D day school will not be in session as well as on Monday Feb 15th school will not be in session as it is the Family Day Holiday.  Please visit for info regarding the updated Covid health and safety orders for schools. We ask that you please wear a mask during drop off and pick up times and maintain the 2 meters apart while on school property. 

Saanich Municipality will be starting sidewalk construction please see this attachment for more information : Construction Notification Lucas Ave 01282021.pdf 

Principal’s message:

Preteen Friendships

It is February and thoughts are drifting toward Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend. (Don’t forget the Chocolates and Roses!) I want to thank all of you who helped make today’s Red and Pink Day a success.

Friendships. Throughout the school year the Lake Hill School staff assists our students in a variety of different situations to support their relationships with one another. Relationships and  friendships in particular are powerful forces throughout our lives but probably have the biggest impact when we are going through adolescence. Grades 4 and 5 is a time when these important changes are beginning for children, (physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially), and  they are learning to navigate through that important balance between their friends and their family relationships, values and expectations. Webster’s dictionary defines a friend as, “someone who is personally well known by you, that you have feelings of affection for, and/or someone that has similar interests to you.” Most of us consider friendships to be a vital part of a healthy life. We all remember how by Grades 4, 5 and 6 friends were becoming a more important part of the our lives. We began to see it when our own loyalty to our buddies and girlfriends conflicted ,at times, with our family relationships as our quest for independence increased.  

As our children enter adolescence we need to maintain healthy boundaries with them knowing that, as painful as it can be, they are on their own journeys. We need to continue our vigilance to maintain meaningful, respectful relationships with them especially when it becomes hard to do – It hard to reconcile and hard to experience this when we are used to the more easy going relationships we had with our children as youngsters. As our children enter adolescence choosing their friends or forcing them to drop a friend because we feel it is negative relationship can become quite problematic and could backfire. Ultimately, we want them to continue to come to us when they need us. We can get them thinking about what makes a “good friend” and what the qualities they can look for in a friend. Below are some questions that you can ask your preteens to get them thinking about their friendships.

– What makes you choose someone as a friend?

– What makes you decide not to be friends with someone?

– Does your friend make fun of you?

– Does your friend not like it when you hang out with other people?

– Do you have a “best friend”?

– What is the difference between a friend and a “best” friend?

Have a very good long weekend and a wonderful Family Day. It looks like there will be plenty of snow for some great family time!

Brett Johnson